Planting trees and carbon accounting just isn’t enough

Councils in the UK are experiencing challenges from mass tree planting schemes, designed to offset carbon emissions.

Carbon offsetting is quickly becoming the de facto method for companies to take their first steps towards sustainability. But it’s not without its flaws. We’re already beginning to see problems with the approach, as described in the article.

At CiRCLR we commend any organisation that is taking small steps towards reducing their environmental impact, but we know there is a better way. Carbon offsetting is a great way for them to market sustainability because consumers have heard all about net-zero carbon… but do consumers and shareholders really understand it?

Landfill is tangible.

Everyone understands the effect of waste on our communities and environments. How can CiRCLR make it easier for businesses to focus on reducing waste before it happens? How can we help them share this circular economy story?

The CiRCLR approach is to reduce waste. Ultimately, helping businesses extract the most amount of value from their resources before the end of its life. In effect, reducing carbon emissions in the supply chain and the reliance on creative carbon offsetting.

What a load of rubbish.

Measure, trade, track and report your waste.
Start proving your sustainability isn’t a scam.

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