New Zealand wasted $872m on uneaten food in 2017

When we set out to build a solution that diverts vast amounts of waste heading to landfill we had to research what our current waste issues were.

Who knew how much food we were wasting?

New Zealand is known for high quality and high valued produce and food, when we saw the statistics of how much was wasted it was obvious that this was a problem we wanted to help solve.

Our talks with businesses in the food growing and manufacturing industry helped us understand the issues and problems many businesses are faced with.

We spoke to businesses that had waste they didn’t know what to do with, and we had businesses that produced minimal waste of their own. We found businesses that were open to take on food waste to create value added longer shelf life food options. We then found businesses that were wanting to buying rescued food products to sell or use in their business.

The need and demand is there and CiRCLR joins the dots to make building circular economies easier for all businesses.

Follow us as we launch into the NZ food sector, we have some absolute sustainable stars on board and we look forward to sharing the rescued food outcomes and stories of collaboration.

What a load of rubbish.

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