What if creating circular economies for your business was as easy as throwing something away?

The matchmaking platform making circularity simple.

We have all discarded something and thought what a waste. CiRCLR gives your organisation options to divert waste going to landfill and measures your environmental impact.

By connecting the dots for businesses, we’re extending product life cycle by transforming waste into a resource.

Do you have waste

that can be used by another business?

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CiRCLR in the Media

Leave a legacy,

not a landfill.

CiRCLR makes it easy to find sustainability partners, track and audit your waste streams and build trust with your consumers.

Stop sending waste

to landfill.

Easily connect with other

businesses who want your waste.

Save time,

reduce costs.

Track and trace waste streams to

make sustainability audits easy.

Blockchain-verified traceability.

Demonstrate sustainability claims

to your customers and add value.

Our Partners

Become a sustainability ambassador.

We're on a mission to reinvent the way we think about waste and we’re inviting sustainable businesses to help us. Get early access to our product launch by joining our pilot program and see how easy it is to be circular!

Your opportunity to join the circular economy.

Stop sending rubbish to landfill, save money and help us to save the planet with one simple app delivered to every device.

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