12.5 Million

tonnes of landfill is generated

every year in

New Zealand.

We have all put something in the rubbish and thought "what a waste, someone could have used that." We see this problem at an immense scale in business environments, where day after day the same struggles with waste are repeated.

Waste levies are going up and consumers demand proven sustainability efforts from businesses. We've set out on a mission to reduce the 12.5 million tonnes of waste going to landfills in New Zealand each year.

Sustainability shouldn’t be as hard as it is today. We created a matchmaking platform that removes the friction from creating circular networks. It connects waste makers with waste takers and helps prove that you can make money by doing good. It’s saving you time, creating value and making a social impact.

Our Founders

Sara Smeath

Sara comes with over ten years of experience building global circular economies in the fashion industry.

Chris Saunders

Chris is a designer and software developer with a passion for engineering solutions.