Is what we often tell people of our approach to simplify circular economies.

We aren’t working in the mining industry -yet, but as this article mentions the beauty of the circles concept lies in the potential to maximise resource utilisation and minimise waste generation across different sectors, forming an ecosystem of interconnected circles. 

CiRCLR breaks down industry silos to create a seamless flow of resources. We always envisioned a platform that goes beyond merely managing waste; we aimed to create a network that facilitates collaboration and resource optimisation. 

By connecting different industries and stakeholders we unlock the true potential of resources that would otherwise end up as waste. This way, we contribute to a more sustainable and circular future for all.

Our focus on connecting new circles in the circular economy has been driven by the recognition that no industry exists in isolation. 

Each sector relies on resources from others, and by bridging the gaps between them, we can create a thriving ecosystem where waste becomes a valuable resource for others. The power of interconnectivity in a circular economy lies in the symbiotic relationships that emerge, fostering a dynamic exchange of materials and knowledge. 

We believe that this approach to sustainability is the way forward, as it embraces diversity, inclusivity, and innovation. By facilitating cross-industry collaborations, we can tap into a vast reservoir of underutilised resources, giving rise to a more efficient, resilient, and sustainable economy. 

The article aptly highlights the challenges that come with transitioning to a circular economy with multiple circles. It requires collaboration, transparency, and the will to challenge conventional practices. These challenges are not lost on us. We understand that transforming industries and supply chains is no easy task, but we are committed to driving this change.

As we read about the concept of multiple circles in the circular economy, it reaffirmed our belief in the power of collaboration and the potential for collective impact. 

It’s exciting! And there is room for others to join us on this mission at CiRCLR!