Turn your waste

into a resource.

We give your business the tools to measure waste and turn sustainable impact into added value.

The matchmaking platform for businesses

to measure, connect and exchange

waste as a resource.

How much of your waste is just a wasted opportunity?

We have all discarded something and thought "what a waste." CiRCLR gives you options to stop waste going to landfill and measure your environmental impact.

By connecting the dots for businesses, CiRCLR is transforming your waste into a resource.

Know your waste.

We give you tools to record and report on waste when it’s made and then your waste is available on our rescued resource marketplace.

Make your first circle.

Connect with another company by trading your waste as a resource. We help you find someone who needs it, before it goes to landfill.

Measure your impact.

Track your waste on our blockchain and know the life-cycle once it leaves your hands and share your social and environmental impact with consumers, partners and lenders.


2.12 billion tonnes

of waste went to landfill last year.

$600 billion worth of food is lost or waster annually.

Food waste is the

third-largest emitter of greenhouse gasses.

Do you have food waste that can be used by another business?

Are you looking for new sustainable resources near you?

Do you have waste that you would like to find a new purpose for?

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The tool for evidence driven impact.

Build trust with your consumers by proving your

social and environmental impact.

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